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Getting More Followers Fast on Instagram

You already know that Instagram can be great for marketing but it is not a way to drive traffic to your website. There are no external links allowed on Instagram posts, just hashtags. That is alright. I found that you can still use the images and good captions to boost your brand awareness significantly.

One consideration is that you can buy followers and really boost the number of likes you get while boosting popularity as well. That sort of tactic is smarter than you would think it can be. I use it when my posts seem to be missing out on good attention.

I, like many others, know how important email marketing is to make my business grow. I have all of my customers on email. They are the ones who have bought before and will purchase goods again. Due to the fact that Instagram does not allow links on the posts, I had to get crafty.

The idea is to convert the followers on Instagram into email subscribers. For this, they need to go to your website. I found that the trick is with the Instagram bio. There, you need to create a bio that is short and to the point and offers a call to action.

I do this by giving incentives to anyone who subscribes to my email list. They get discounts and special offers all of the time. The word of mouth alone is great on this and all it takes is followers going to my neat and tidy bio that is direct and details the fact that followers who become subscribers get deals.

On top of that, I still buy followers to gain a bigger following and it works hand in hand with the bio. Eventually, people start to see that my posts are getting big attention and it makes them curious. As a result, they will go to the bio to see what I am about.

Once they do that, then they move on to subscribe. I get dozens more subscribers each week and the numbers are adding up. This indirect way of using Instagram for getting email subscribers is smart and sophisticated but not at all difficult. Just keep your bios precise and clear rather than filled with useless information.

I do this and I also use shout outs with other marketers so we can share contact information while telling our followers about one another. This works to boost a following in a massive way. You will soon see this for yourself when you try it out.

I discovered that content is key. As many times as I have heard that, it is still difficult to get unless you really get in a marketing rut. At that point, you learn how to create great images with compelling captions. If you need help with this, there is plenty of advice available.

You always want to include a watermark of your brand or your brand image on the images you make. Otherwise, people will try to steal your work and make it their own.

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