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Being Smart about Instagram

You can strongly leverage your Instagram account to lead to some good results when it comes to marketing. I discovered some interesting tips as I was working for a network marketing company. The idea there is to build up a network of people to do business with.

Since I really did not have many resources to draw from, I decided to use an Instagram account to boost my work with social media marketing. It all starts with making some good photos to use. The advice is that you should use sharp, clear, and colorful images that evoke emotion.

This is the foundational practice for making good posts on Instagram. At the same time, it is easy to say that this will bring in plenty of likes and followers but it is not all you can do. I found that I could actually buy followers and make it a better situation.

When you buy the followers, you are essentially trying to set up a situation where you will get more likes and followings as a result. I found that this can truly work. I started with buying a batch of followers to make my posts seem more popular, to raise them up the ranks, so to speak.

This method does work but you still have to put in more effort. This is when I learned about shout outs. That is when you and another person on Instagram agree to share contact information and to give each other shout outs for liking each other’s posts.

The shout out method works wonders to bring in more followers whether you buy them or not. As it turns out, there are two kinds of shout outs and one is free and agreed upon while the other one is paid and agreed upon. Either way, it takes an agreement between two parties.

By using this method, I was able to gain more followers in a short period of time than I ever had done alone. I still use this tactic as often as possible to make the grade and it works well.  I just had to provide the Instagram shout out for the other person and they got more followers as well.

This sort of symbiotic relationship is a very smart way to handle being on Instagram and marketing there. You can do it as often as you want. Of course, it helps if you have a budget for social media marketing. The paid version of this practice tends to be easier and you get a better shout out in most cases.

Since I have only a limited budget for such things, I try to use the free version of shouting out. It does work and it also helps to buy followers with what budget is available. Both allow you to gain a bigger following which is important to the image of your brand in the long run.

I use this tactic when it seems that my posts are lagging behind. In that case, I feel it is best to do some boosting and it always works.

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